Can healthy foods make you fat?

A lot of people believe that once they eat healthily, they cannot gain unnecessary weight. Even though healthy foods do not contain bad fats, they can nevertheless make you fat if you don’t control the portions you eat. Watching what you eat is key to maintaining your weight and not gaining extra. No matter how healthy the food you eat is, you have to remember that calories add up and can make you experience tremendous weight gain.

Know the right proportions of the healthy foods you eat and stick to them. The more disciplined you are, the better your weight will be. To know where to get healthy food, you can check healthy food products brand reviews on You will get to see the experiences of other people who are shopping for healthy food and how they fared with various healthy foods companies. Here are tips for watching your weight:

Do indoor exercises

There are many exercises you can do in your house. For instance, you can jump rope when you are less busy or walk up and down as much as you can. Instead of sitting in a place throughout the day, a few minutes of aerobic exercise and walking while you watch the TV are good for you. Do the household chores that are not beyond your capacity. If you are up for it, you can sign up to be a member of a gym or start a fitness group with friends.

Get out

Instead of trying to do almost everything in your life without stepping outside your home, get out more. Instead of a ladies’ night hosted in your home, you and your friends can hike through the mountain, go for a walk, snowshoe or ski. You not only get to strengthen your bond with other people, but you also enjoy the fresh air.

Say no to unhealthy foods

Sometimes, it is easier to reject the sweets and other processed foods you love, while sometimes, it is difficult. Whichever way, discipline yourself to say no to things that don’t help your weight. Let friends and relatives who want you to splurge with them know that you are watching your weight. If they give you these foods as gifts, you can freeze for later rather than eat everything at once. If they are too much, you can give them out to other people.

Also, position yourself away from the foods you want to avoid or too much food. For instance, if you are at a party, stay away from the buffet table and move your focus away from the food. Focus more on the people and fun at the party. When you eat, linger longer on the healthy parts of the food. To avoid eating too much at the party, satisfy your hunger at home before you get there.

Get rid of stress

Stress is another factor that makes people gain weight. If you are emotionally stressed, your body won’t be able to process the food you eat well. You may not even be eating as you ought to, yet you will find yourself gaining weight. Take a break whenever you are stressed to refresh yourself and clear your mind. Cut off your stressors and focus on your de-stressors.