How to Make a Salad Without Vegetables

Salad synonymous with vegetables contains vitamins and minerals that are important for the body. For those of you who don’t like vegetables, that doesn’t mean you have to avoid and not eat vegetables at all. There are many ways you can do this, one of which is to make a delicious salad. The following are tips for making salads for those who don’t like vegetables:


Add proteins

Some types of salads only contain various types of vegetables. But there are also some that add protein. Salad can be added pieces of grilled chicken breast or boiled eggs cut into small pieces. Meanwhile, the Japanese style salad can be added with canned tuna chunks. In fact, it could just add a salad with beef sautéed with spices.

Select the appropriate type of dressing

Salad dressing is not just mayonnaise, there are many other types that are no less delicious. For those of you who don’t like mayonnaise, you can try a stronger dressing like balsamic vinegar dressing or lemon olive dressing. Currently there are many ready-to-eat dressings that can be purchased at the supermarket. Even better, there are lots of homemade dressings that you can buy to stock up on making salads at home. Make sure to know your palate’s favorite preferences so you can enjoy vegetables more healthily.

Add fruit

Some people are not happy with the tart taste of vegetables. For that, you can add fruit that goes well with vegetables. Its texture is similar to vegetables, making it suitable to be put together in salads. Especially if you choose the right dressing. But if you feel there are other fruits that are no less delicious to combine.

Create a certain type of menu

For those of you who can’t see so many vegetables served in one bowl, then you can try making it into several other dishes. One example is making a vegetable roll or, you can put vegetables in a tortilla. There are so many menu offerings that you can peek at to include lots of vegetables in it. Do not give up easily with vegetables because it is very good for the body.

Mix with some cooked vegetables

Some cooked vegetables taste better than raw vegetables. Therefore, you can try to eat raw vegetables together with some cooked vegetables. You can roast tomatoes to get a more savory and sweet taste. You can also sauté the onions for a richer taste sensation. If there are some other vegetables that can be cooked, feel free to add them.