Madura is an island on the northeastern coast of Java and is administered as part of the East Java province. Like the Eastern Javanese foods which use petis udang, Madura foods add petis ikan which is made from fish as an alternative of shrimp.

Another notable Batak dish is arsik, the carp fish cooked with spices and herbs. Bebek betutu is duck stuffed with spices, wrapped in banana leaves and coconut husks cooked in a pit of embers. Balinese sate, generally known as sate lilit, is created from spiced mince pressed onto skewers which are sometimes made from lemon grass sticks. Babi guling is a spit-roasted pig filled with chilli, turmeric, garlic, and ginger.Basa gede or basa rajang is a spice paste that may be a basic ingredient in lots of Balinese dishes.

Rousong is used as a topping for many foods, corresponding to congee, tofu, rice, and savory soy milk. It can be used as filling for varied savory buns and pastries as well as a topping for baked goods filled with bean paste, for example, and as a snack meals by itself.

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Rousong is a extremely popular meals merchandise in Chinese, Vietnamese (referred to as ruốc within the North and chà bông in the South) and Indonesian eating. The noodles are fried with pork lard, dark and light soy sauce, chili, de-shelled cockles, bean sprouts, Chinese chives and sometimes prawn and egg. Essential to the dish is sweet “wok hei” or breath of wok, the qualities and tastes imparted by cooking on a wok utilizing excessive heat. Traditional crackers are referred to as krupuk, made from bits of shrimp, fish, vegetables or nuts, that are often consumed as a crunchy snack or to accompany main meals. There are broad variations of krupuk available across Indonesia. The most popular ones can be krupuk udang and krupuk kampung or krupuk putih . A warteg or warung tegal is a more particular warung nasi, established by Javanese folks from the city Tegal in Central Java.

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Kopi luwak is Indonesian unique and costly coffee beverage created from the beans of coffee berries which have been eaten by the Asian palm civet and different associated civets. Teh botol, bottled candy jasmine tea, is now quite well-liked and locally competes favourably with international bottled soda drinks corresponding to Coca-Cola and Fanta. Es kelapa muda or young coconut ice is recent drink which is produced from chilled younger coconut water, coconut flesh and syrup. The Maluku Islands’ cuisine is wealthy with seafood, whereas the native Papuan meals often consists of roasted boar with tubers similar to sweet potato. Various kinds of ikan bakar or seafood are eaten with spicy colo-colo condiment. The staple food of Maluku and Papua is sago, either as a pancake or sago congee called papeda, normally eaten with yellow soup created from tuna, pink snapper or different fishes spiced with turmeric, lime, and different spices.