The nutritionist explains how Dessert is also important for children’s needs

After a big meal, it is indeed more delicious to eat dessert food so that it tastes good in the mouth. It’s okay for your little one to eat sweet desserts.

Parents can distinguish this type of dessert between the little one and the father. For example, the father gets young coconut ice and the little one gets ice cream or shaved ice.


Normally, eating sweet and fresh food after a ‘heavy’ main course will taste more delicious

Furthermore, We suggested that parents give the time for eating desserts about 30 minutes to an hour after eating. The goal is to make room for the stomach while preventing the child from falling asleep immediately after eating.

The question is, is providing dessert a must? Actually no. To make it easy to consider this, let’s know the benefits of dessert first.

Wash your mouth

As the title implies, dessert is the last moment of the eating ritual. After a heavy meal, the function of dessert is to wash the taste buds to remove any fishy, ​​savory, or salty residue from the previous main meal.

Complementary Nutrition Needs

Desserts can also serve as a nutritional complement. “Often children do not get their nutrition from their daily diet. Therefore, small amounts of dessert are also needed outside of snack time, In one day children aged 5-12 years have a caloric requirement of 1400-1700 kcal, 50-60 grams of protein, and 50-60 grams of fat.

For the condition of children who have normal nutritional status, dessert menus or products can be chosen whose nutritional value is still normal. While children who need a weight boost or who have excessive activity, we can give a nutrient-dense dessert.
For menus that are relevant to children aged 5-10 years, we can give fried or grilled bananas, sliced ​​fruit, fruit ice, fruit juice, pudding, fruit salad, or fruit flavored shaved ice.

Stimulus for your little one to finish food

Dessert menu choices can be a stimulus for children to spend their meal portions. That is, the function of dessert here is a kind of ‘gift’ or reward to your little one for their achievements in eating.