What is a Gastropub?

Many working-class people in the United Kingdom frequent pubs. This is short for public house. These local watering holes provide basic comfort food and cold beverages, called pub Grub. Traditional pub Grub can include shepherd’s pie or meat-stuffed pasties, fish, chips, or other popular dishes. Some British chefs began to renovate pubs to appeal to a broader clientele in the 1990s. Their new restaurant was called a gastropub. This is a mix of the French gastronomique word and pub.

A gastropub serves high-quality food that is often based on pub grub. While a shepherd’s pie is still available in a gastropub menu, the ingredients might include more exotic meats or a higher quality potato for the crust. You can make fish and chips with a variety of fried potatoes. Even if the chef has gastronomic training, classic pub food can still be found in spirit.

A cup of coffee at a gastropub.

Modern gastropubs may offer a wider range of menu options than traditional pubs. Many complex gourmet meals are served at one table with traditional comfort food. These upscale meals can be quite expensive, which leads some critics to call them “gastronomically costly”. The gastropub is not able to compete with traditional pubs, but it does offer an alternative for those who are able to afford one.

Many gastropubs offer a variety of beers and other alcoholic drinks.

Many gastro pubs also offer alcoholic beverages and gourmet food, keeping in line with the tradition of public houses. A microbrewery could be found in a gastropub. A typical gastropub has a relaxed atmosphere with soft piano music and solo singers.

A gastropub may offer shepherd’s pie.

Gastropubs are becoming increasingly popular in America, especially in areas where young professionals frequent. While some may call themselves gastropubs, others prefer to be referred to as traditional upscale restaurants. A gastropub is a smaller restaurant than other types and has limited hours of operation for lunch and dinner.

A gastropub may brew its own beer.

The US gastropub movement is being criticized by some as part of larger gentrification. This involves the renovation of working-class neighborhoods for the benefit of an upper class influx. In an attempt to attract more wealthy clients, some local restaurants have turned into gastropubs. This has left current residents with less affordable options for food.

Many gastropub menus include a variety of fried potato options.

Although the future of gastropubs remains uncertain, as more people realize the quality of the food, and the friendly atmosphere inside, there are many opportunities for more gastropubs to open in the United States in the coming decade.
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