What To Look For When Hiring A Catering Company

Having an event can be a lot of fun. There will food, drinks, music, and friends. However, putting this type of event together can be time-consuming and tedious. This is why catering companies exist, to ease the stress of setting up for an event.

Leave the running around, the decorations, the cooking and the serving up to the catering company. However, how does one go about choosing the best catering company? Selecting the wrong company can create a bad situation, leaving a distasteful memory. So, here are just a few pointers to make sure, the right catering company is picked.

a. flexibility

b. familiarity with the location

c. professionalism

d. proper amount of staff

e. Catering certifications


Flexibility is needed, especially in cases such as food and drinks. If a suggestion is made to the catering company about how to cook and season certain foods, your request should be accommodated. Perhaps there are individuals attending the event who simply need their food cooked a certain way, due to medical reasons.

While suggesting meals to be cooked without salt or with minimum oil etc, if the catering company appears to be resistance or irritated, searching for a different catering company may be the best option. Or perhaps a request is made for particularly bottled water to be served at the bar. Or suggesting crushed ice to be served at the bar, instead of chipped ice.

Some catering companies may have an option within the contract when it comes to making various specifications. Perhaps the overall cost is a little more or perhaps, special requests are simply part of the package. Either way, the client should never have to endure a negative attitude because they want things done a certain way.

Location Familiarity

Familiarity with the location may seem like a small issue, but it can turn into a huge one. Sometimes a catering company can find themselves out of their element. Perhaps they’ve never set up an event in that area before. If one can imagine all of the difficulties that come with entering into an unknown town and trying to set up an event.

Many issues can arise. For example, suppose different groups belonging to the catering team get lost. Car navigation or not, sometimes these situations just can’t be helped. Suppose this occurs with various team members on numerous days, while they are setting up the event, it can be extremely aggravating for the catering group.

Not only that but as the company is going here and there and setting everything up, they may have difficulty locating specialty stores in the strange area. Liquor stores, wine stores, various decoration stores, etc. It’s not terribly necessary that the catering team be from the area, but it will eventually be needful for them to become familiar with the overall location.


Having to deal with any unprofessional organization can be undeniably frustrating. Catering companies are no different. Ask around the neighborhood to find out, the experiences that others have had with the company. Whether catering in Austin or catering in Milwaukee, the catering industry knows that professionalism is important. Professionalism and having a high regard for the client is crucial for the success of any company.

It would be terribly regrettable if the unprofessionalism of a catering company is ignored, only to be seen by guests on the night of the event. To keep this from happening search online comments and inquire. Can everything that is written online be trusted? No. So, keep an open mind and an open eye.

Enough Staff for the Event

Prior to choosing a catering company, make sure they have the proper amount of staff needed to perform at the event. Make sure the contract or agreement that is signed signifies this very thing. Let the owner know that under no circumstances shall the event be short-handed. An event that is short on staff, is an event that most likely will be ruined.

Licenses and Certifications

There are certifications that are required by law in each state in order to work around food. Before signing on the dotted line, ask for proof of certification from the catering company. The same goes for licenses to serve alcohol. Do not just assume, that the company has these certifications and licenses, check to be sure.