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Sares is made from chilli, coconut juice and banana palm pith and is usually combined with meat. Non meat dishes embody kelor , serebuk , and timun urap . Because of close ethnic kinship and proximity to Malaysian Malays, many dishes are shared between the 2 nations.

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Gulai ikan patin is a signature dish of Pekanbaru, whereas gulai ketam and nasi goreng teri Medan are the signature dishes of Medan. The fire utilized in cooking could be both strong fire or small fire for slow cooking. Traditional Indonesian dapur normally employs firewood-fuelled kitchen range, while the up to date family right now uses liquefied petroleum gas-fuelled stove or an electric range. The components could be reduce in items, sliced thinly, or floor into a paste. Cooking utensils are wajan , penggorengan , panci , knives, a number of forms of spoon and fork, parutan , cobek and ulekan .

Compared to widespread domesticated hen, these village hen are thinner and their meat are barely firmer. Various recipes of ayam goreng and ayam bakar are commonly found throughout Indonesia. Other than frying or grilling, chicken could be cooked as soup, such as sup ayam and soto ayam, or cooked in coconut milk as opor ayam. Chicken satay is also commonly found in Indonesia, it is a barbecued meat on skewer served with peanut sauce. Popular chicken recipes corresponding to ayam goreng kalasan from Yogyakarta, ayam bakar padang from Padang, ayam taliwang from Lombok, ayam betutu from Bali, and ayam goreng lengkuas .

In Bali, with its Hindu majority, the babi guling is well-liked among locals in addition to non-Muslim visitors, while the Batak people of North Sumatra have babi panggang that may be a comparable dish. The meat additionally could be processed to be thinly-sliced and dried as dendeng , or made into abon . Raised rabbits are also consumed as food in mountainous area of Indonesia.

The city of Palembang is the culinary centre of South Sumatra and is renowned for its pempek, a deep fried fish and sago dumpling that is also called empek-empek. Pempek is served in distinctive kuah cuko, a sweet, sour and spicy sauce produced from palm sugar, chili, tamarind and vinegar. Pempek derivatives dishes are tekwan soup of pempek dumpling, mushroom, greens, and shrimp, lenggang or pempek slices in omelette. Mie celor is a noodle dish with egg in coconut milk and dried shrimp, it is a Palembang speciality. After the milk has been extracted from the shredded coconut flesh to make coconut milk, the ampas kelapa can nonetheless be utilized in urap, seasoned and spiced shredded coconut meat combined along with greens. Leftover shredded coconut can be cooked, sauteed and seasoned to make serundeng, almost powdery candy and spicy finely shredded coconut.

South Sumatra is home to pindang, a sweet, bitter and spicy fish soup created from soy sauce and tamarind. Pindang dishes usually uses both freshwater fishes and seafood as elements. Tempoyak is a sauce of shrimp paste, lime juice, chilli and fermented durian, and sambal buah is a chilli sauce made from fruit.

Sop saudara from Pangkep and Kapurung from Palopo are additionally famous dishes of South Sulawesi. Another in style delicacies from Makassar is Ayam Goreng Sulawesi ; the hen is marinated in a traditional soy sauce for up to 24 hours before being fried right into a golden color. The dish is often served with hen broth, rice and special sambal . With a drier local weather in Nusa Tenggara archipelago, there may be much less rice and extra sago, corn, cassava, and taro in comparison with central and western Indonesia. Fishes are popularly consumed, including sepat , which is shredded fish in coconut and young-mango sauce. Lombok’s sasak individuals take pleasure in spicy food corresponding to ayam taliwang which is roasted chicken served with peanut, tomato chilli and lime dip.