Road Food

street foodThe street food scene in Saigon permeates each district, neighbourhood, and alleyway; town boasts so many avenue food retailers that, at times, Saigon looks like one gigantic, open-air restaurant. I can’t consider any particular avenue food dishes in the mean time which might be vegetarian – when I’m with vegetarian buddies I normally simply order meat dishes with out the meat: for example, bánh xèo (the savoury pancakes featured in some of the pictures on this page) không thịt (không thịt means ‘without meat’).

Typically times you will get seats right in front of the pots of meals alongside the sidewalk — chef’s desk seating! We’re going to begin this record off with a road food that I feel reigns supreme on the afternoon grills throughout the Philippines: isaw, which refers to both pig and chicken intestines, grilled over hot fireplace.

On the current CityFood symposium in New York City , Ray and other students explained how road food the world over contributes to an aesthetic that is totally different in every single place however grounded by a common theme: thrifty, satisfying fare that is instantly scrumptious, and important to the geographic and economic fabric of our cities.

Lined with monumental concrete electricity pylons, Nguyen Thuong Hien is a straight and slender avenue leading northeast from District 1. Yellow road lamps poke up above the squat, boxy houses, and tangled electricity cables cling in front of neon signage like jungle vines.