They had been used to sacrifice horses to their goddess Reitia or to the legendary hero Diomedes. In the trendy age, horse meat is considered a luxurious item and is extensively available by way of supermarkets and butcheries, with some specialised butcheries offering solely selected cuts of equine meat. Prices are often higher than beef, pork, or some other type of meat, besides game. In Hungary, horse meat is primarily used in salami and sausages, normally combined with pork, but in addition in goulashes and other stews. This proscription was abolished in 1993, but only a small minority of strange butchers have since begun to sell horse meat. As of 2018, most horse meat was nonetheless sold by the specialists, a few of whom additionally delivered by mail order. ) promote horse meat, as strange butcher outlets have been for a long time forbidden to deal in it.

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However, since the 1990s, it may be found in grocery store butcher shops and others. , a cured and smoked sausage which frequently accommodates pork, beef and horse meat. No horses are bred for meat production and there are stringent laws in opposition to utilizing meat from a horse that has been medicated or injected with antibiotics. Using meat from a horse that has been treated with non-equine medicine or has not been inspected by a veterinarian is banned outright. A horse is likely one of the most valuable animals a family can personal in Tonga because of its use as a beast of burden. Tonga has long lacked land space compared with its population, so the missionaries introduced horse meat in lieu of cattle.

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A company called Cowley’s Fine Foods has additionally launched a horse jerky vary known as My Brittle Pony. Their Twitter account @MY Brittle Pony, states that they are “Determined to make horse a steady part of the British food regimen. Horse meat is easily present in supermarkets, and normally ready as a stew or as steak. Although no generalized taboo exists in Spain, consumption of horse meat is minor, compared to that of pork, beef, or lamb.

Older horses are often exported on the hoof to Italy to be slaughtered. Horses in Poland are treated principally as companions, and nearly all of Poles are towards stay export for slaughter. The consumption of horse meat was highest at times when other meat was scarce, corresponding to through the Second World War and the communist period that adopted it). In Veneto, the consumption of horse meat dates back to a minimum of 1000 BC/BCE to the Adriatic Veneti, famend for their horse-breeding skills.