Top 10 British Delicacies you should try while in the UK

One of the 10 most visited countries in the world, England attracts first and foremost for its historical heritage, vibrant nightlife, and modern culture with international influence. Its cuisine, on the other hand, is less well-known although diverse and sometimes surprising. English cuisine is often simple, inexpensive, yet tasty says reviewers on

1. Fish & Chips

Let’s start with the most famous example. If you think we are talking about old fried fish and style fries, you’d be wrong! A nice fillet of cod or halibut with a thick layer of crispy frying and large homemade fries served with vinegar. Fish & chips is a great classic of English cuisine and it is a dish that you absolutely must try on the spot!

2. Tea

The British know how to make tea. They have amazing tea. And they love their tea. You would be crazy not to take advantage of it. And while you’re at it, will you take a little “crumpet”?

You can contribute to drinks delivery services in UK reviews if you have time, book an afternoon tea in a nice lounge! You can then drink unlimited tea, eat mini sandwiches and mini pastries such as scones, tarts, mousses, and many other delicious pastries. Afternoon tea, as its name suggests, takes place in the afternoon and it is an activity that will occupy you at least two hours. But it’s also a classic in British cuisine which you should try if your schedule allows.

3. Salt Beef Bagel

Try the Beigel Bake on Brick Lane in London – an attraction in itself. Their signature bagel is the Corned Beef Bagel. More beef than your bagel can fit and a warm, and probably the smoothest bread you’ve ever tasted.

4. Paul A. Young Fine Chocolates

You will not find this chocolate factory voted among the 10 best in the world anywhere other than in the English capital; maybe because some of the innovative flavors could not be imagined beyond the borders of nonconformist London!

5. Melton Mowbray Pork Pie

This 18th-century corrugated pie is an extremely simple recipe that can be described as large pieces of pork wrapped in dough. This pork pie is a classic which is the pride of the town of the same name, located in the North East of England.

6. Stilton Cheese

This creamy blue cheese is made from cow’s milk and is also a classic from the East of England. It is eaten in toast, quiche, salad, soup, on pasta. You will find a recipe that suits you!

7. Colchester Oysters

These very iodized flat oysters have international success due to their refined taste with hints of hazelnut. Operated in the east of England, they have enjoyed great popularity since the ancient days when Colchester was the capital of Roman Brittany (Britannia). These oysters are now found in prestigious restaurants.

8. Lancashire Hotpot

Lancashire Stew, originally from the North West of England, consists of pieces of lamb or mutton, carrots, and onions covered with sliced ​​potatoes. Everything is cooked for a long time over low heat.

9. Staffordshire Oat Cakes

In the West Midlands, around Birmingham, young people are growing up eating these oatcakes for breakfast. Enjoy them with melted cheddar cheese, another symbol of English gastronomy, originating in the South West of England.

10. Chicken Parmo

Welcome to the North-East of the country where one of the most famous dishes is, with good reason, this chicken covered with béchamel and garnished with Cheddar, served with fries and salad. Created in 1958 by a former US Army chef based in Middlesbrough, Chicken Parmo (from Parmesan) is a local fast-food classic, eat in or take out.

In conclusion, travelers of the world, we know you have surely tasted the most delicious food the world has to offer on your adventures, but it’s time to give British food a chance.